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Places to visit

The abbey, the museums, the parish church :

Situated in the middle of a bay, the Mont Saint-Michel  welcomes nearly two
and a half million people every year this includes visitors, pilgrims and tourists.
At the entrance of this medieval town is the ancient Burgher’s Guardroom now the Tourist Office.

   Places to visit in the Mont Saint-Michel : the ramparts path

After going through the Boulevard Gate and then the King’s Gate fortified with its portcullis, you will find the « Grande Rue » or main street wih its museums, shops and houses dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. The parish church consecrated to St-Pierre, the patron saint of fishermen is a small edifice from the 15th and 16th centuries.

Finally we get to the « Grande Degre » or Grande Staircase whose majesty is a prelude to the « Marvel ». After admiring the Abbey church, you can enjoy the beautiful and matchless view over the bay when going down the ramparts path.


The Abbey :


Crédit photo CMN
Lieux de visite du Mont Saint-Michel : l'abbaye
   The Mount consecrated to St-Michel in 708 was one of the first place of cult for the Archangel Michel with the Gargan’s Mount. The abbey presents a big panorama of the medieval architecture from the XI to the XVI th century.

The abbey is open every day except the 1st of january, the 1st of may and the 25th of december.

- from 2 may to 31 august : 9 am to 7 pm, last admission at 6 pm.
- from 1 september to 30 april : 9.30 am to 6 pm, last admission at 5 pm
ATTENTION: Monday the 16th of January, the abbey’s door of Mont Saint-Michel will close at 4.00pm instead of 5:00 pm. Exit of the public at 5.00 pm instead of 6:00 pm

 In case of high tide preventing access to Mont Saint-Michel, the opening time of the abbey can be changed(seepage "times of the tides").

Pets are not allowed in the abbey (allowed in the village).

Self guided tour or one hour guided tour (with all reserve)

Tickets available at the entrance of the abbey only

- individual more than 25 years old: 10 euros ;  Reduced rate (18-25 years old which are non-European): 8 € ; people under 26 years old who are citizens of one the 27 countries of EU or are non-European permanent residents of France: free of charge ; less than 18 years (family visit): free of charge
- group (20 persons): 8 euros
- tour operators: 8 euros
-School group rate: 30 euros for 35 pupils ; one leader for free for each group of fifteen pupils, 8 euros for additional leader.

Booking and information at the abbey:
Tel 02 33 89 80 00 - Fax : 02 33 70 83 08

liturgy in the abbey


Masses with Fraternités Monastiques de Jérusalem:
Mass is celebrated every day except Monday at 12.15, on Sunday at 11.30 ; no entrance fee. You have to be at the entrance of the abbey at 12.00 and on sunday at 11.15.
Other masses at 07.00am during the week (08.00am on Saturday, Sunday, bank holidays and on August) and 6.30pm. You have to be 10 minutes before at the entrance of the abbey. No vespers on Sunday and no services on Monday.
Masses are only celebrated when the Community is here. 
(No presence of the community during winter retreat, no presence of  the community during summer retreat)
More details (retreats, groups... ):
: 02 33 58 31 71


The museums :


- archeoscope:
a show to discover the construction of this fabulous monument and its sacred history.
Tel : 02 33 89 01 85
Website: - Email:

- museum of history:
old collections ( weapons, paintings, sculptures, watches), prisons and dungeons, the 19th century periscope which reveals the bay.

- maritime and ecology museum:
to discover the tides, the bay and the massive building site to restore the maritime character of the Mont Saint-Michel.

- Tiphaine’s house:
to discover the 14th century residence that Bertrand Duguesclin had built in 1365 for his wife Tiphaine (furnitures, paintings, tapestries).

Tel : 02 33 89 02 02
Website: - Email:

Tickets available at the entrance of the museums only.

At the moment:

The Maritime and Ecology museum, the Historic museum and Tiphaine’s house are open  from 9.30am to 4.30pm last entrance except during lunchtime. They are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Rates : 3 museums : 18€ / 1 museum:  9€

The Archeoscope museum is closed until the 4th of February.

Rates (when the 4 museums are open) : 

INDIVIDUALS : Prices for 4 museums : Adults from 25 years old: 18 €
    Adults between 18 and 25 years old : 9 €
    Less than 18 years old : Free of charge
  1 museum : Adults from 18 years old: 9 €
    Less than 18 years old : Free of charge

GROUPS : Prices for 4 museums : Adults from 18 years old : 9 €
    Less than 18 years old : Free of charge
  Prices for 2 museums : Adults from 18 years old: 6 €
  Less than 18 years old : Free of charge
1 museum : Adults from 18 years old: 4 €
    Less than 18 years old : Free of charge

The Parish Church :


Consecrated to St-Pierre, it is a small edifice from the 15th and 16th centuries.
Mass is celebrated from Sunday to Friday at 11am,  on Saturday at 6 pm .
During July and August mass at 11am and 5pm on Sunday.