By marine

Every year on the first weekend of August the town of Ducey celebrates: a bicycle race, flea market, music and – most importantly – a flower parade with floats. The festivities end with fireworks.

Corso fleuri Ducey

The city of Ducey has four days of celebration, from Friday to Monday with the highlight being the flower parade on Sunday.

On Friday, the town’s Cycling Grand Prix kicks off the festivities. In general, the race gets started in the early evening in front of the town hall, and riders must complete 30 laps of the circuit.

All day long on Saturday, a flea market and a garage sale are held, open to professionals and private individuals alike. 

Usually an aperitif concert and a DJ party are planned for the evening, held in front of the town hall.

Sunday afternoon normally begins with Miss Selune and her dolphins’ reception, before the great flower parade departs in the afternoon. This parade, with its floats and various costumed characters, criss-crosses the streets of the town, accompanied by six musical groups.

These musical groups close the afternoon with a final performance in front of the town hall.

In the evening, the Queen’s Dinner Dance is held at the Stadium’s multipurpose hall.

On Monday evening, a second parade of illuminated floats will march from the school to the Grande Rue, before a free fireworks display is held over the stadium, followed by the ball.

Over the course of the festival, fairground rides can be enjoyed at the Place du plat d’Étain.