How to organise a guided tour of Mont Saint-Michel, and why:

Interview with Cécile Loiseau, representative of the Mont Saint-Michel association of guide-speakers:

“Cécile, why book a tour guide to visit Mont Saint-Michel?
People often say that when they walk around Mont Saint-Michel, they don’t really see it. By following a guide, you can be sure that you’ll truly understand the history of the site and, above all, have a great time. First and foremost, the guide is there to help visitors understand, rather than to teach them, the guides bring the history of the site to life through their words, they will recount the history of the place and allow you to imagine, to see yourself in these places at a given time. Then, we allow our imaginations to continue the history in our heads.

When can you take a guided tour?
You can take part in a tour all year round. The guide knows all the tricks to take the best route and avoid the crowds, as well as the essential viewpoints that are not to be missed.

A word of advice: opt to visit the Mount in the off season to take full advantage of everything on offer. »