Why coming to the Mount Saint Mickael when the touristic season is in full swing?
It’s so much better to enjoy some quiet time, apart from all this fuss.

Why visit Mont Saint Michel when the tourist season is in full swing? It’s so much more enjoyable to enjoy a few quiet moments, away from all the hustle and bustle.

From dawn to the twelve strokes of midnight, this fantastic site has so much magic to offer. Throughout the day, the sun plays with the clouds and the reflections of the bay to create ever-changing landscapes.  The phenomenon intensifies at sunrise and sunset and creates fantastic pink and orange variations.  The true connoisseur’s visit therefore begins at the end of the afternoon, and continues until sunset.  (Tip: the view is even more beautiful from the side of the Gabriel Tower and the northern rampart, or from the Abbey’s esplanade. 

view of the mount Saint Mickael

So, why not come and enjoy the charm of this monument, in total tranquillity, during the following periods:

  • In the morning before 10 am and in the evening after 5 pm : Day-time at Mont-Saint-Michel is very busy. However, early risers and late sleepers have the privilege of appreciating another facet of Mont Saint-Michel.  

Like a mysterious and mystical aura, worthy of the corridors of Hogwarts! Lovers of spirituality and revitalisation will be delighted to see the village emptied by a simple wave of a magic wand! 
(Note, in the winter period the abbey is open until 6 pm, with last admissions 1 hour before closing!)

  • The Mount also welcomes fewer visitors  in winter (and especially in January!). However, it is during this period that the sky offers its most beautiful colours, further enhancing the beauty of the place … Between sunrise and sunset, Mont Saint-Michel offers a thousand and one reasons to visit during this season!

Village tours and private crossings

The village through the eyes of the guide

Our guided tours offer the chance to learn about the monument’s entire mediaeval history, and to discover its hidden corners. The tour is usually offered in groups, but, with prior reservation, guides can reveal all the secrets of the village and the abbey through a private tour.

Cross the bay at your own pace

Of course, our bay is fabulous – but it hides many dangers, so please do not venture alone! The sea can surround you very quickly, before you know it. That’s why our bay guides offer you the chance to take part in private or group bay crossings, in complete safety.

Soaking up the spirituality of the place

Two communities of nuns and monks of the Monastic Fraternities of Jerusalem ensure the daily prayer (services, Mass) and the welcoming of guests to the monastery  within the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel. Services are open to all, and anyone can attend the various masses.

Spiritual retreat

The Logis Saint-Abraham can welcome you to experience prayer time with the brothers and sisters of the Monastic Fraternities of Jerusalem. These retreats have a maximum duration of 5 days, to be shared individually, or with family/a private group.  On the agenda: Everyone attends services and shares a table with the brothers or sisters.