If there’s one activity here that’s not to be missed, it’s crossing the bay!

This hike along the shores is inspired by the thousand-year-old tradition of the pilgrims who used to travel to Mont Saint-Michel on foot. Now, this nature outing is accessible to all those who wish to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

There are various options available, from the simple discovery of quicksand (1h30), the tour of the Mount (2h), crossings from Mont Saint-Michel to the islet of Tombelaine (3h) or even a round trip crossing of 13 km (6h): there’s something for everyone!

However, the Bay is not as calm as it may seem, and can sometimes be dangerous. In order to experience this adventure to the fullest, you must be accompanied by a certified guide. 

Choose your certified guide!

There are many certified guides offering trips in the bay. The concept of the “certified guide” is now a compulsory condition, issued by the Préfecture de la Manche, to supervise tourists during crossings. This certificate of competence is based on theoretical and practical training. It’s for your benefit: a guarantee of both safety and quality.

The crossings of the bay

Be aware of the dangers of the bay!

The dangers of the bay are very real. There is the tide, difficult areas (the famous quicksand, for example!) or even the crossing of often unstable rivers. The weather is another factor to be taken into account. Not forgetting the daily water releases from the dam in the Couesnon river bed, at the foot of the Mount. A certified guide guarantees you a safe trip!

The crossings of the bay

Listen to your guide!

Those who wish to cross the bay must be in good physical condition, not suffering from any illness that could compromise their safety or that of the group. Never venture out into the bay alone.

Always trust your guide! By listening to your guide and following their instructions, you can help to ensure that your crossing takes place under the best possible conditions.

The crossings of the bay

For a successful crossing, make sure you come fully prepared!

  • You must be either barefoot or wear neoprene shoes in good condition (no other shoes are permitted)
  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothing, appropriate to the weather: shorts, a windbreaker, and a fleece. Consult with your guide a few days before your outing to check the weather conditions.
  • A bottle of water and some snacks.
  • Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun! Glasses, hat and sunscreen can be your best allies against sunstroke and a red nose!
  • A camera to capture this unique experience!

Set off from these locations:

The principal starting points are the Bec d’Andaine in the commune of Genêts and the Mont-Saint-Michel. Depending on the tides or your chosen tour options., other starting points are also available: Saint-Léonard, la Pointe du Grouin du Sud, La Roche Torin, Courtils, etc.