By marine

It’s time to bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes.
Your mission: to solve the Ducey Code investigation at the Château des Montgommery.

Ducey Code

Pierre Eviard’s killer is wanted. The curator of the Avranchin died by strangulation …


On the ground floor, you’ll find the crime scene and all its clues. You’ll need to really look closely … A pocket watch with broken glass looks like an interesting lead to follow. A time machine confirms this gut instinct. We must be on the right track, but why 3:55…

Don’t hesitate to touch everything – but most importantly, remember to put everything back in its place.

You’ll also have the chance to discover the castle

Alongside the crime scene, you’ll discover local history, mixed with that of France. We’ll learn of the accidental death of King Henry II, at the hands of Gabriel de Montgommery, who died of his injuries on 10 July 1559 after a tournament held on 30 June 1559.

This murder mystery also allows detectives to discover the wonders of the castle. Like the Italian coffered ceiling painting, for example.

A chessboard  

But we can’t just admire the castle, we have a mystery to solve. The pressure is on and time is ticking … The story is starting to take shape. Some clues can be easily found, others less so. A chessboard is located in another room. Is that a clue? Why has the queen been placed here, and what about the knight? Other investigators might try to count the number of turns left to finish the game: before you, perhaps?

Solving the Ducey code takes a little time. On average, it takes about an hour. It’s much better if you work together.  The guides at the tourist office, can help you if you get stuck!  You can register online now!
Pour cette deuxième saison, l’enquête se poursuit avec une édition spéciale Police Scientifique !

Recommanded minimum age : 8 years old
Duration : 1:30 hour.

Château des Montgommery
Tel : 02 33 60 21 53
50220 Ducey-les-Chéris