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A real life-size murder mystery, Les Mystères du Mont transports you to a different era each year. The aim is to solve the various mysteries you’ll encounter on each corner of the village, presented by actors. To be enjoyed with family or friends, this investigation game will delight young and old and allow you to discover the Mont-Saint-Michel in a different way.

Mystères du mont

For the 5th edition on 2 October 2021, cloak-and-dagger tales will take centre stage in this life-size murder mystery.

Escape games, puzzles, adventure, theatre and a friendly environment are all on offer, in an exceptional location. Along with friends and family, you’ll be immersed in a situation that will test your detective skills: find the clues, analyse them and put them together to solve the mystery. 

“One for all! Faced with this impenetrable prison, I was alone with my sword drawn … They were waiting for me!”»

Mysteries of the Mont Saint Michel “The Bastille of the Sea” – 3 October 1645

“One for all.
Faced with this impenetrable prison, I was alone with my sword drawn … They were waiting for me!
With my galloping horse, I crossed the bay safely and quickly arrived at the foot of the town walls. Not a single guard dared to defy me and I was able to pass through the Porte de l’Avancée unhindered.
I remained cautious and quickly climbed the steps to reach the entrance of the Barbacane.
Inside, it was said that many inmates were crammed into this prison alongside the two congregations of monks still residing within the abbey.
I came to get my brother-in-arms, who had always been a man of faith. This Aramis had chosen to get lost in old books and manuscripts … He offered no more news except this little message:

“Save me from this place! A.”

I responded immediately to his call, leaving d’Artagnan and Athos to deal with the Cardinal’s men. Here I was alone…
In front of me, two hooded men faced me…
And then I woke up, lifeless, at the foot of the mountain, bathed in my own blood and with a wound on my side … What had happened? I don’t remember…
This new adventure now awaits you, Muskateers!
This disappearance cannot go unanswered … All for One? »

Practical information: 

Prices :

  • Adult (+18 years old) 13 euros.
  • Children and Teenagers (from 8 to 17 years old) 10 euros.
  • Children under 7 years old go free

In partnership with the Mont Saint Michel Abbey, the Mont Saint Michel – Normandy Tourist Office, the Dragon’s Camp, the Normandy Festival and more.
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