A few kilometres north of Avranches and Mont-Saint-Michel, a land cradled between the coast and the wooded countryside opens itself up to you: Granville Terre et Mer. This destination is home to beaches, islands, dunes, cliffs, countryside and forests.

At Granville Terre et Mer you’ll discover experiences that are sure to become lifelong memories. At high and low tide, take advantage of the fine-sand beaches and the sea, as you enjoy the salty coastal air. Sail on the waves towards Chausey, a preserved archipelago where the native fauna and flora reign, illuminated by the beautiful lights of the late autumn. Take the customs officers’ footpath as it winds along high granite cliffs, or the typical roads of the Normandy wooded countryside. Share special moments with enthusiasts, particularly during major heritage events such as the great Granvillle Carnival or the Festival of Working Sails. Rediscover the child within you as you enjoy the beach, enjoying the adventure on old boats and rediscovering nature. These adventures, encounters and experiences will turn these little moments into some of your greatest memories.


Sail in the Granville-Chausey Bay

Archipel de Chausey

The Granville-Chausey Bay is a protected maritime space extending from the port of Granville to the archipelago of Chausey. It is a fishing basin renowned, in particular, for the quality of its shellfish. Every day, fishermen skim its waters and harvest these precious resources with the utmost respect for this natural environment. 

Cruise towards Chausey 

This bay is also a paradise for boaters and riders. From the region of Avranches and Mont-Saint-Michel, it is the closest Normandy water playground to try out and enjoy water activities. Set off on a cruise towards Chausey, by sail or motor boat, for a sensational day exploring an archipelago where nature is king. Marvel at the lights created by the elements, especially in spring or autumn.

Sailing and surfing for amateurs and pros alike 

And for the thrill-seekers, visit spots on the coast or head to the sailing schools to discover or rediscover the joys of catamarans, kite-surfing, sea kayaking, sand yachting, stand-up paddle, and more. 

Our favourite experiences to enjoy:

Relive the joys of childhood

Often the best memories, those that comfort us and make us smile as we think back, are those created during childhood. They are often simple, but it is the harmony and joy of these moments that leaves them engraved forever in our memories. Each of us has our own Madeleine Proustian! (expression that it evokes an unexpected memory filled with nostalgia)

On the sandy beaches 

What could be better than enjoying the beach as a fantastic playground? From Bricqueville-sur-Mer to Carolles-Plage, sand castles and seawater pools are among the unmissable childhood experiences on offer. On the coasts of Granville Terre et Mer, there is also space to create your own team sport pitches, promising frenzied games with family or friends: take out the balls, frisbees and rackets, and don’t hesitate to dive barefoot into the sand and score the most beautiful points in the history of the sport!  

Plage de Coudeville

On the foreshore 

Though still part of the beach, this is a vast land that can only be discovered at low tide. You can walk for hours, feet in the water, enjoying the salty air. Beware of the sun and the tide, which can sometimes rise very quickly! By taking all precautions and researching the location before you depart, you can head out gathering seafood by hand and collect some finds to enjoy a few hours later: cockles, clams, wild oysters, shrimp and more.

On the trails 

In the countryside, in the forest or along the coast, family walks in the middle of nature are always fantastic times for discovery and the sharing of knowledge, or quite simply to enjoy those precious, carefree moments chatting together.From the “Bout du Monde” (The World’s End), with its submersible road, to the “Plus beau kilomètre de France” (The Most Beautiful Kilometre in France) from which we can see the Mont Saint-Michel, via the hedged farmland paths, each stone hut, mill, chapel or wash-house offers amusing anecdotes along our strolls.

Depuis la Haute-Ville

In town

Walking through the oldest streets of the towns is an opportunity to understand the history of these places. Why build defences here, or there? Why make a port? How can a town thrive in this location? We promise we’re not going to make you go back to school on your holiday, but this is an ideal chance to understand the environment around you. The ramparts of the Haute-Ville of Granville, built on the Pointe du Roc, are not to be missed, as they allow us to imagine the adventures of the pirates, Newfoundlanders and soldiers who once lived there.

Share and relearn the essentials  

In the Granville Terre et Mer region, the usual inhabitants and holiday-makers love the simple joys: those little encounters and unexpected moments that offer an authentic taste of life. Here, therefore, we hope to share this with you – making this joy accessible to all.  

Coucher de soleil - Granville

Outings and walks to take in your surroundings 

When travelling on land, sea or in the air, open your eyes to everything that surrounds you. Accompanied by passionate guides, these experts will reveal to you some of the secrets that have shaped this land. We also recommend taking the time to savour the lights as the sun’s rays pierce the grey of the clouds or when the sunsets create an explosion of colour above the sea. You can also discover history by wandering through the historical sites and museums open to the public. The first unmissable sight: the Christian Dior garden and museum. The childhood home of the revolutionary fashion designer reveals incredible haute-couture pieces. The exhibitions are always highly impressive, both in terms of aesthetic and technique. In Granville, you can also discover the Richard Anacréon Museum of Modern Art which retraces the history of avant-garde artists with the great open-mindedness of the 19th and 20th centuries. Not forgetting the Roc des Curiosités Museum Aquarium, a tribute to natural curiosities, where nature and poetry become entwined. Finally, the Abbey of Lucerne is another must for lovers of history and architecture. This place, with its incredible history, still retains its soothing spirituality

Musée Christian Dior

Entertainment and concerts to enjoy

Listen to the atmosphere around you. Listen and hear the singing of the birds, the sound of the wind and the crashing of the waves. You can also take advantage of the liveliness of the markets and of the terraces, where local traders, craftsmen and producers offer valuable advice, sometimes with some very typical Norman expressions. The various festivals and entertainment in Granville Terre et Mer offer the opportunity to take in the “music” of the region, both in the literal sense – during concerts – and in a more figurative sense. 

Dishes to savour 

Taste the flavours of the land. Cook up a few of the specialities you’ll find in the markets or take advantage of the expertise of local chefs. Our seafood is a must: enjoy crustaceans – like the famous Chausey blue lobster – or other shellfish, such as oysters, mussels, scallops or the famous PGI whelk from Granville-Chausey Bay – and, of course, our delicious fish. Not to forget our local Norman products: drinks made from apples (calvados, cider or pommeau), cheeses and dairy products, biscuits, meat and delicatessen products … Let the locals help you find the best spots. 

Our favourite experiences

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