The marshes of the lower Couesnon valley are located about ten kilometres south of Mont Saint-Michel.

The Marais de Sougéal

With its 175 hectares of rehabilitated land, this area is classified as a Remarkable Area of Brittany. It has an important place within the bay’s ecosystem, as well as within the regional network of wetlands.

This preserved area is also classified as a Regional Nature Reserve.

Floristic aspects

There are more than 360 plant species. Their variety is due to the climate and proximity to the coast, the Couesnon (nutrient-laden waters) and the slopes (nutrient-poor waters).
Flooding and water management play an important role and contribute to the formation of flora in the marsh.
Several species associations can be found, depending on the areas more or less flooded.

Faunal aspects


The restoration of the hydraulic operation to favour the presence of the pike. Today, the marsh is considered one of the three main wetlands for the reproduction of this fish.
The management of water levels is based on the pike cycle.

Migratory birds

The Sougeal marshes are an important place for water birds. It is a migratory stage for thousands of species.

In spring, there are about 60 species of water birds. The marsh is covered with water and it
becomes a parking site for birds.

The marsh is also home to numerous species of amphibians, dragonflies, damselflies, etc.

Marshland uses and heritage interest

The Sougéal marshland has been a communal property since the 18th century. It supports a traditional agropastoral activity. It is an area that has always aroused the interest of the local population because of the abundant and fat grasses used to feed the herds. Without forgetting the value of the preserved landscapes.

Marshland protection

It is a site of interest in terms of ecology and hydrology.
The Marais is home to species of high heritage value. To this end, inventory and protection measures have been undertaken.

It can be noted :
  • Zones of Ecological, Faunistic and Floristic Interest (ZNEFFI),
  • Important Bird Areas (IBAs),
  • Ramsar Zones (avoiding the disappearance of wetlands).

Visit the Maison du Marais

On the edge of the Sougéal marsh, the Maison du Marais reveals the specificities of the marsh through its fauna and flora. Animations are proposed there during the school holidays.

Group: Guided tour by reservation all year round.

La Maison du Marais :
Le Port, 35610 Sougéal
+33 (0)2 99 48 76 45 – +33 (0)2 99 48 76 39