By yann

Located in Vains, in the heart of the Mont Saint-Michel bay, this farm benefits from an ideal environment!

Today, tourists can visit the farm and the caramel factory, stroll around the “cara-poules” – mobile henhouses – and, of course, browse through the shop, where various products are offered for sale, such as the famous caramels, along with butter, milk, and eggs, as well as local and artisanal products.

Four years ago, to add another dimension to their farm, the Lefranc family launched a festival: The Cara-Meuh Festival!

On the agenda: 

  • The market, where local producers and craftsmen offer their products and creations,
  • The garden, for a relaxing break, where festival-goers can, for example, learn how to fish, play board games or even get a tattoo (temporary, of course!),
  • The henhouse, with the famous “cara-poule” mobile henhouse, and the hives: where various children’s events and conferences are held,
  • The courtyard, the heart of the Festival, where all the concerts take place, and where visitors can learn all about the farm,
  • The factory, where demonstrations and tastings can be enjoyed. You’ll also have the chance to learn more about the history of the Cara-meuh! 
  • The artists’ corner: drawings, paintings, sculpture, and photos … there’s something for everyone! And the artists will be delighted to showcase their artistic methods. 

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