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Where can I take my dog for a walk? What places can I visit with my dog? Or how can I visit Mont Saint-Michel with my dog?

These are just some of the questions dog owners ask themselves on their doggy vacations. We are going to try to provide you with our ideas and tips for visiting and strolling around with peace of mind.

Melba, loves strolling through the Roche Torin grasslands.
Melba, loves strolling through the Roche Torin grasslands.

How to visit Mont Saint-Michel with my dog?

In the village, dogs on a leash are allowed to wander through the narrow streets and ramparts. However, our furry friends are not allowed to enter religious sites such as the village’s parish church and the Abbey (but of course, guide or assistance dogs are accepted).

About private museums, restaurants and Bay crossings, dogs are generally accepted but we recommend you to check with the establishment directly (on arrival or when booking).

Access to the village from the parking lot

Small dogs carried in an adapted bag or basket are accepted on “Le Passeur” shuttles, as are guide or assistance dogs.

For bigger dogs (always on a leash), you can reach the village on foot (about 40 minutes’ walk) from the parking lot to the main entrance of Mont Saint-Michel. This lovely walk takes you along the footbridge, past the dam and its view over the bay.

But it’s also possible, and for greater piece of mind for both you and Médor, to entrust your pet to the kennels at the Tourist Information Center before starting your visit. It’s true that at the height of the summer season, when the village is crowded, it’s not a very pleasant visit for your dog. The poor thing can get pushed around or stepped on. And the crowds can be so dense that it’s very difficult to move through the streets… So you can imagine for a poor little dog.

Bay crossing with my dog
Bay crossing with my dog.

Which beaches allow dogs?

On Normandy side:

  • Genêts
  • Saint Jean-le-Thomas (except from June 15th to September 15th: forbidden from 10am to 7pm)
  • Saint-Pair-sur-Mer (Thar beach)
  • Donville-les-Bains (reserved space)
  • Dragey (except from July 1st to August 31st)

On Brittany side:

  • From Cherrueix to Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes (shorelines)

Gestures to respect:

Of course, you now have to remember to pick up your pooch’s small (or large) droppings. To do this, always carry a few bags with you! It’s also mandatory to keep him on a leash wherever you go: whether in town, on the beach, in the forest or even on country lanes.

To make sure you’re complying with current regulations, we recommend that you call the town hall of your destination. You can also contact the place where you’re staying. You can then ask for advice on the best place to walk your dog!

Which activities and attractions are dog-friendly?

Find out about dog-friendly leisure activities in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel.

Family with their dog
Family with their dog.