Professionnal Guide of the Bay, and also in the village and the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel, I'd like you to discover, enjoy and love this region where I've grown up. Follow me: Crossings of the bay from different departure places, visits of the village and/or the abbey... Contact me!
You'll understand why this Marvel has attracted so many pilgrims and now tourists for more than 1000 years!
Traditionnal visits for all kinds of people. Booking is compulsory.


Opening from 05 February 2022 to 06 March 2022

Opening from 12 March 2022 to 03 July 2022

Opening from 03 September 2022 to 21 October 2022

Opening from 22 October 2022 to 06 November 2022

Opening from 17 December 2022 to 02 January 2023



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