A land of history and fantastic stories, the Mont Saint-Michel – Normandy destination has everything it takes to allow you to experience extraordinary adventures!

A thousand-year-long history

Over the centuries, man has forged this landscape: these towns and buildings that we see today. At the bend of a street, in the shadow of a church or in the ruins of an abbey, History is everywhere. Or perhaps you’d prefer cloak and dagger tales in the dungeon of Avranches, or gripping military stories in the heart of Mortain ? Here, we’ve been writing our history for more than a thousand years!

Epic legends!

Fairies, goblins and giants are just some of the many characters found in our Norman folklore. These legends are part of our stories, passed down from generation to generation. Like the tale of Scissy’s Forest, that once stood where the bay lies today. Swallowed up by a tidal wave in 709, this legendary forest is said to be the origin of the bay of Mont Saint-Michel! It is even said that it was Gargantua who put Tombelaine and the rock of Mont Saint-Michel in the bay, to allow him to cross it with dry feet.

So, what story would you like to be told?