Welcome to the mountains of Mont Saint-Michel, where waterfalls, stories and legends come together in an exceptional natural setting, unique in Normandy.

The Mortain waterfalls 

To the east of our destination, among the green of the countryside, the Mont Saint-Michel mountains are home to two waterfalls, the largest in Normandy. These are located on the two rivers that cross Mortain-Bocage: the Cance and the Cançon. The largest, known as the Grande Cascade, has a 25-metre drop, while the Petite Cascade is a series of small falls.

Very popular with hikers, these two waterfalls can be explored on foot all year round. A stairway has been laid out along the side of the waterfalls, allowing you to admire them up close. 

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The Fosse Arthour

For climbing enthusiasts, the Fosse Arthour is an exceptional location. Nestled between Mortain-Bocage and Saint-Georges-de-Roulley, it is a unique natural area, teeming with flora and fauna.

A total of 180 climbing routes are available on the sandstone mountains, for all levels: beginners and experienced climbers. And for lovers of hiking and walking, a 7 km circuit travels around the Fosse Arthour, revealing its iconic sites, straight from the pages of the Arthurian legends.