What services are available for those visiting Mont Saint-Michel with a disability? Is Mont Saint-Michel accessible to everyone?

Access for people with reduced mobility

Where can I park ?

The car parks are located 2.5 kilometers from Mont Saint-Michel.

plan parking

Follow the signs and ring the bell at the entrance to the P2 car park reserved for people with disabilities upon presentation of the mobility inclusion card. You will be asked to show your mobility inclusion card to the camera to gain access to this car park.

Parking is not free of charge. Please consult the current rates.

This car park is located near the “Le Passeur” shuttle bus departure point. These will drop you off about 350 metres from the Mont Saint-Michel.

Preferably park at the back of the car park to be as close as possible to the departure of the shuttle buses.

The P2 car park is about 30 metres from the shuttle bus departure. The path is flat.

Further information on how to get there can be obtained from the Tourist Information Centre : www.bienvenueaumontsaintmichel.com  or at +33 (0)2 14 13 20 15.

→ For camper vans, please call +33 (0)2 14 13 20 15.

View the interactive map on www.bienvenueaumontsaintmichel.com/fr/interactive-map .

Le passeur

The shuttle bus is accessible to people with reduced mobility:

  • Removable access ramps positioned at each door
  • Two areas reserved for wheelchair users
  • Six spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility
  • Sound and visual support inside the vehicle throughout the journey.

The driver or stop attendant will operate the removable ramps upon request.

“There are no steps from the car park to the Mount. The path is flat and suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs.”
Mont Saint-Michel footbridge and shuttle service
Mont Saint-Michel footbridge and shuttle service

For more information on parking and shuttle services: www.bienvenueaumontsaintmichel.com.

I have difficulty walking, where can I borrow a wheelchair?

The Tourist Information Centre (located at the shuttle departure point) can lend you a wheelchair to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Information : +33 (0) or bienvenueaumontsaintmichel@transdev.com .

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are many steps at Mont Saint-Michel.

There is no elevator available

 The streets are paved (some areas with uneven cobblestones).

Where are the wheelchair-accessible toilets ?

  • At the Tourist Information Centre: Adapted accessible toilets, open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Access through the main door or on the side of the building outside the opening hours of the building.
  • At the “Les Galleries du Mont Saint-Michel” shop, located on the Route du Mont.
  • At Mont Saint-Michel: Wheelchair-accessible toilets at the bottom of the main street.

We recommend that you use the toilets at the Tourist Information Centre, which are the most suitable.

More information on : www.bienvenueaumontsaintmichel.com .


Visiting the village  

It is free to visit the village.

Through the main entrance, you will have direct access to the village’s main shopping street. The street narrows with a steep slope from the disabled toilets.

At the top of the main street, there are 139 steps to reach the abbey. There are no handrails on the main street.

Average step height: Fourteen inches.

Fanils entrance

Situated on the left as you face the Mont Saint-Michel, this entrance allows you to join the walkway up to the abbey. It is not usually very busy, and it offers a wide walkway – although the slope is very steep. Uneven cement floor. About 50 steps to reach the abbey. There is a handrail available to assist you up the 30 steps.

At the entrance to the abbey, there are 54 steps to reach the ticket office and a further 96 steps to reach the start of the tour. There are also narrow stairs inside the abbey.

The Abbey

Mandatory booking on the website www.abbaye-mont-saint-michel.fr

To consult admission fees and conditions of free entrance to the abbey, visit the website: www.abbaye-mont-saint-michel.fr .

For people with reduced mobility, it is possible to visit the abbey with a “Joëlette” one-wheeled chair, with the help of a group of people to carry it (several carriers will be required). Reservation required at the abbey : resa.montsaintmichel@monuments-nationaux.fr

It is also possible to book a guided tour for people with learning, hearing or visual disabilities.

Reservation required at the abbey : resa.montsaintmichel@monuments-nationaux.fr

Guided tours for the visually impaired

Two guide-lecturers who are partners of the Tourist Office :

Visites au Cœur de l’Histoire – Corine Vervaeke
Costumed historical tours provided for the visually impaired, available for groups and individuals with prior reservation.

L’Arbre étoilé – Myriam Bierjon-Gerbaud

Guide-speaker (FR-GB) and sophrologist/relaxologist. Tours
from St-Malo to Granville, from Mont-Saint-Michel to Mortain.
For groups, individuals and for the visually impaired. Unique experiences: art and wellness tours, meditative walks, and sophrology in nature.

The Handibaie Association

Created in 2012, this association aims to develop tourism and leisure activities adapted to support people with disabilities and their families in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel.

You can find practical information and ideas for outings on the website: www.handibaie.fr.

Contact : HANDIBAIE – www.handibaie.fr collectifhandibaie@gmail.com – +33 (0)2 33 58 73 49.

Do you have any specific needs? Any questions?

Contact our disability contact person:
Pontorson Tourist Information Office
Tel : +33 (0)2 33 60 20 65
Mail : nadege.lehobey@msm-normandie.fr or tourisme.pontorson@msm-normandie .

Services for persons with reduced mobility and the disabled.

An accessible region

A destination accessible to all : Prepare your stay in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel

A destination accessible to all : Prepare your stay in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel

Tourism for all

Tourism for all