Whether you’re a lover of wide open spaces, or a sportsman looking for new routes to explore, there’s bound to be an itinerary that’s right for you.

The Normandy itineraries offer a multitude of possibilities: between the customs officer’s paths (GR 223) which run along the entire coast, the old Saint Michael’s paths and greenways which cross the region.

I can leave for several days and cross the great west from Paris to Mont Saint-Michel, riding the Véloscénie. But I can also walk in the footsteps of the landing soldiers thanks to the route « Landing Beaches – Mont Saint-Michel ».

The routes are different and do not resemble each other

A circuit unlike any other, it is indeed the crossing of the Bay. Led by a certified guide, I walk along the Bay of Mont Saint Michel, a spectacle of the highest tides in Europe

Similarly, following a guide is also possible for an ornithological trip, to discover the birds of the bay, with Sébastien.

Finally, Vitality is synonymous with breathing and fullness. This is what Myriam, offers us, through Afghan and meditative walks.

Hiking in our countryside

For sports lovers, the Val de Sée offers incredible mountain bike areas. Also, numerous accompanied walks are organised throughout the year by associations and municipalities. All the outings are in the Agenda

To each his own path, to each his own desire!